Berries in Co. Cavan on show in October

Spindle Killykeen

Spindle berries

The sunshine of October 2015 has made the colour of the berries stand out .  Spindle, is a small  tree native to Ireland  that has four segmented berries with orange seeds inside.

puging buckthorn

The dark berries of Purging Buckthorn trees are  much less frequently seen but are found round Cavan lakes . This one was photographed in Killykeen.

Blackthorn sloes

Blackthorn sloes

Not to be confused with sloes to make sloe gin . I believe the purging buckthorn has a less pleasant effect on the digestive system.


guelder rose

The glossy red berries of Guelder rose  are frequently seen in Cavan

especially round the lakes.


  I would be interested if you know of  other purging buckthorn sites in County Cavan. How frequent is spindle in your area. Please leave a comment below  or contact me.

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