Yellow rattle Sowing in Kilnaleck

more raking

Hard work raking the grass to open up some bare ground for yellow rattle. ( Photos thanks to Kilnaleck tidy towns)


 Kilnaleck Tidy Towns are having a go at getting some yellow rattle to germinate  at the fair green.  Previously  all the grass had been mowed regularly , but now some of it will be allowed to grow. The hard work of raking out old grass was done by Emily , Brian and Karl.

This is good free draining soil that is fertile and it will be interesting to see what comes up, as well as the grass.

the rakes

Emily, Heather,Brian, Karl


Emily with the yellow rattle seed

The seed was collected near Cavan Town this September.

sowing seed

Sowing the yellow rattle seed

We sowed about 200 gram of yellow rattle seed.


I would be very interested to hear from others trying to restore wildflower areas or groups interested in doing the same as I have been trying . Please leave a comment below.

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