A little more on my activities

I study natural history, mostly where I live in   County Cavan and south Leitrim and find great fun is to be had, outdoors learning about the creatures I share my local environment with.  I studied  Applied Zoology in University College , North Wales and more recently in University College Cork
I work with school groups ( through the Heritage in schools scheme), community groups, ( such as the Golden Way project ) and visitors to this area as a Geopark guide and ambassador for the Marble Arch Caves Geopark . I am also to be found ,with my husband ,farming suckler cows and sheep – I am a very happy disciple of the undiscovered country of the nearby.

I can be of help with ;

  • Restoring wildflower meadows

  • Creating wildlife areas in gardens and school grounds

  • Finding and trapping identifying invertebrates

  • Understanding local habitats

  • Guiding walks in the geopark